Thursday, September 21, 2006


In my online search for artists working with flowers, I came across this artist's installation, her name is Anna Schuleit. The project was titled Bloom, and she filled an abandoned mental institution with wall-to-wall flowers, lined the walkways with sod, and piped in recorded sounds from when the institution was up and running. I'm sure to experience this exhibit would have been very eerie and surreal. The pictures are striking, almost hauntedly so (above & below:)

I love how she fills the space with a sea of flowers, and on her site she touches on the way we send flowers to the ill as a commonplace ritual. The act of giving flowers can take on so many different meanings. Flowers can feel somber if placed on a gravesite, romantic on Valentine's day, and soothing for the ill. I am interested in the ritual behind them.


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Beautiful. Thanks for posting these artists...

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