Thursday, September 07, 2006


I am doing a wall installation for our show in November. I still find Margaret Kilgallen's wall installations to be the most powerful and most brilliant as far as not over doing it, and beautifully unifying large groups of small works together:

I love how all the paintings have their own visual language, they work with each other and carry on a dialogue with one another. The few paintings that might not have enough information to stand alone work brilliantly as sounding boards for the others. They have a completely natural flow as a grouping.

Clare Rojas's really graphic, very dramatic shifts in scale have a really bold dynamic. Her oversized images of textile patterns are really strong in this installation (below:)
Jim Houser incorporated some really nice moments into this installation, I'm especially drawn to the little potted plants:

Margaret Kilgallen's work makes painting-based installations look so effortless and natural, but this is incredibly difficult to do! There's an amazing sense of elegance in her installations, and I hope to attain this same level of smoothness, of purpose, in the way I choose to present my current work.


Anonymous lisa said...

you are right on about all three. MK and JH are two of my favs of all time

3:30 PM  
Blogger Ward Jenkins said...

Margaret's work is decievingly simple and brilliant. Looks like your show was a success! Congrats!

6:50 AM  

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