Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Susan Rothenberg

Susan Rothenberg is a painter whose work I've looked at for years. Her paintings are so visceral, and her brush marks are so rapid and aggressive. You can really feel her hand in the paintings, and see the way she lays on the paint. There is a great profile on Susan with interviews and slideshows of her work on Art21, one of the best resources for an inside look at some great contemporary artists.

She talks about her long-running series of horse paintings (what she's the most famous for) and how her present body of work has been very much about the individual paintings, rather than a continuous series.

She intimates that she longs for a series to work on again. I share this feeling and am dealing with this in my own studio work right now. It's reassuring to know a painter of her stature still struggles at times to find consistent stream of inspiration.


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