Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Painting Life, pbcb studios la

I have to admit, I was initially adverse to the whole blog phenomenon that seems to have taken over the web. But slowly I've become blog-curious, and I've been discovering for the past several weeks lots of really great artists' blogs with bits of inspiration, photos of gallery shows, artists' work, etc. As a painter, I'm constantly keeping a mental "catalog" of artists I'm looking at, designers that inspire me, and painters that make me want to run to my studio and paint. I forget, however, about certain discoveries I make. Months later I'll find a postcard or bit of writing about an artist I made note of , and I'll realize my train of thought got lost somewhere in my busy life. So, I look forward to beginning this blog as a way of organizing my thoughts, and starting a dialogue with other artists. This virtual world weirds me out every day, but the rapid communication and accessibility of things truly astounds me.


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