Sunday, April 29, 2007


Above images by Wes Wilson.

my recent interest is in posters from the 60's. I'm referencing imagery from the psychedelic era for the way the compositions at first glance tend to overload you and vibrate out, but when you break them down what is revealed is a picture that is actually very elegantly designed. Moving forward, I'd like to infuse some of these elements into my current series of paintings. I'd like there to be more going on, seemingly more disarray, yet all held together seamlessly with an elegant composition.
Above images by Bonnie MacLean

Above images by David Singer.

I just ordered the catalogue that accompanied this exhibit at the Tate Modern in Liverpool in 2005. I'm sure there will be some amazing imagery to reference.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

one year blogging

wow, I just realized that only a few weeks ago marked the one year anniversary of the start of my blog. Happily I can say it's been a productive year for me. In the Spring of 2006 I was at the end of my rope with the creative block. I was determined to push my work in a new direction, and I decided to move my studio out of my home. After a dedicated 6 months of solid trial and error in my studio (and unimaginable frustration!), my paintings finally started their course in a new direction. By the fall and winter months I had a new body of work on exhibit in Los Angeles, and now that series is evolving to yet another new place all its own. It's amazing how you can think you're truly all out of ideas and you have nothing left to express creatively. But there is always something more. Sometimes it takes months, maybe even years to get that momentum back, but it's worth it. Now I am at another crossroads recovering from an unexpected surgery. I will be fine, but I have a lot of time on my hands to think and plan, which can sometimes be a double-edged sword!

My studio hiatus was partially due to my surgery, and I hope to be working in a new space in June. I have two major deadlines in June for juried shows I'm submitting to, and in the meantime, I hope to squeeze in a few watercolors from my bedside Frida Kahlo style!

Above paintings from last year, Spring 2006, I was in the middle of my creative block. I had some nice things going on aesthetically, but was still searching for my subjects.

Above paintings are from my completed series, exhibited in LA in the Fall/Winter of 06-07.