Monday, July 24, 2006

Abstract Evolution

Some more small watercolors from my studio...

Studio Notes

These are a few of the artists I'm looking at right now:

Philip Guston for his use of color (pinks/red-oranges) and heavy, weighted lines; and his use of personal iconography:

Sara Hughes for her use of patterns and repetition:

Orla Kiely, designer, for color and her shifts in scale in her pattern designs:

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Studio Update

We've completed our studio move and are now set up in our new space! We're open every 2nd Saturday for the Northeast LA Artwalk, so come on by! Art Studio C is now located at 4121 Eagle Rock Blvd. The space is smaller, but has a good vibe. It's a charming space, more intimate and feels like a little house. My abstract pieces continue to evolve...they're not really there yet but these small watercolors are informing my larger oil paintings (in progress.) You can see the ideas I'm working with (above) here (and below:)

These are just vignettes and sketches for larger ideas. However, I'm at a place where I either overdo or underdo and I wish these could stand alone. I prefer to stop than to push forward in these smaller pieces. I use them like flashcards, and I actually hold them up to my larger pieces, trying to figure out which moments I want to incorporate in my oil paintings. This has been my process of painting lately. It's progressing, but it's a slow growth.