Sunday, April 29, 2007


Above images by Wes Wilson.

my recent interest is in posters from the 60's. I'm referencing imagery from the psychedelic era for the way the compositions at first glance tend to overload you and vibrate out, but when you break them down what is revealed is a picture that is actually very elegantly designed. Moving forward, I'd like to infuse some of these elements into my current series of paintings. I'd like there to be more going on, seemingly more disarray, yet all held together seamlessly with an elegant composition.
Above images by Bonnie MacLean

Above images by David Singer.

I just ordered the catalogue that accompanied this exhibit at the Tate Modern in Liverpool in 2005. I'm sure there will be some amazing imagery to reference.

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Blogger dr. hong said...

ooooooo - cool! i've never seen these before!

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