Wednesday, January 17, 2007

recipes for color

In my new series of paintings, I'm focusing particularly on pushing color. loving buttercream: (naples hue, hint of cad yellow & flake white,) a sort of toasty banana yellow: (cad & lemon yellow, with lots of ochre new favorite thing is to knock the color down w/ a hint of mars black. I call it "color stopper." it gives an earthiness to the color, dirties it up just barely so it looks a tiny bit muted.) and of course raw umber, my continuous color staple. Bordering on the garish side, I'm also enjoying juxtaposing a true banana yellow with softer/muted yellows. Pushing the garish colors is always a challenge, but I find lemon yellow usually does the trick. it gives greens and browns that pungent, acidic pitch that really bites. Hopefully I've painted a visual picture for you! I'll be back soon to upload images of my recent work...


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